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Google Analytics Site Speed Optimisation

Improving the load time of your website has been proven many times to be an effective method for improving your websites conversion rate. I’ve been helping several websites with their site speed optimisation over the past couple of weeks which

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How To Set Up Google Analytics Goal Tracking

So, your website is up and running, your Google Analytics code is tracking correctly and your bounce rate and pages per visit are looking good, my website must be performing well! The simple fact is that every website has some

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Understanding The Google Analytics URL Builder

Anyone who has run a campaign to drive traffic to their website will know the importance of adding Google Analytics Campaign Tracking to the links in their campaign to allow them to better monitor the performance of the campaign. These

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How To Set Up Google Analytics Site Search Tracking

Google Analytics Site Search allows you to track the queries that people are searching for on your website. This can provide a valuable insight into the content that you should look to provide on your website and the questions that

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What Is Google Analytics Event Tracking

Over the past couple of days I have talked through some of the core metrics of Google Analytics such as Bounce Rate and Exit Rate. Today I will answer the question, What is Google Analytics event tracking? So, lets start

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