Integrating Tabs with a Facebook Page Template

With Facebook’s new timeline it’s hard to have a welcome page that fans can look at when they search for you through Facebook. However, there are still ways of implementing a Facebook page template and having fans appreciate them.

facebook-pagesWelcome Tabs

Facebook still allows you to add a welcome tab to your page. This isn’t the first thing that fans will see when they search for you through Facebook. However you can still have them directed to that tab when navigating the internet from an exterior source. For example, if you have a blog that allows you to install a Facebook widget, you can have them directed to the tab by embedding the URL to the app that runs the tab. Then, you can add a “like” generator that “locks” the content until the user “likes” the page. Once the user has become a fan, they are able to interact with the content on the welcome tab. You could provide a description of the company, a sample from collections, and a description of a contest that you may be running or a picture slideshow from an event that you hosted.


There is come limitation to what you can share on Timeline. However you can pretty much add anything that you want to the tabs at the top of the page. Welcome tabs are completely customizable and you are only limited by your imagination. There have been some instances where people will add an emailing portion that would allow users to email directly from Facebook to the company. This is a great way to allow people to express their concerns while giving them a simple method of emailing. Also, if the Facebook page belongs to a retail boutique, they can showcase their new lines of clothing and link to a landing page on the company’s website that would direct them straight to that product. It can be an easy way to establish a call to action with a corresponding landing page.


There are a variety of tabs that you can now add to work with conjunction to a Facebook page template. Some of the tabs include Instagram, where you can showcase your company’s Instagram photos. This is perfect since Facebook business pages don’t allow you to directly link Instagram accounts. The Instagram tab is developed by a third party software company that allows you to link the two profiles. You can also add a Pinterest tab that allows you to share single or multiple boards on the company’s Pinterest profile. It’s a great way to link all of your social media accounts to one source. For example, an educational institution may decided to use Scribed, which is an app that allows the page to share PDF files, to share major check off lists and graduation applications. They may also use Facebook’s notes tab to share upcoming internship and job opportunities in order to get the word out faster. It’s worth a company’s time to look into what can be done with the tabs, especially since more and more of them are available.