10 Blogs That Will Increase Your Websites Conversion Rate

As a Conversion Rate Optimization professional I need to stay up-to-date with all the latest conversion rate optimization tactics, tips and tests from around the world.

I find the easiest way to do this is to follow industry leading blogs, so I created a folder in my RSS reader filled with some of the best and most insightful conversion rate optimisation bloggers around the globe. Today I am sharing with you my 10 favourite conversion rate optimization blogs so you to can stay up-to-date and learn from some of the best around.

These 10 blogs will help you to increase your websites conversion rate:

  1. ContentVerve.com – A great blog about content/copy optimization as well as conversion rate optimisation. Must Read: 31.03% Increase in Sales by Tweaking the Call-to-action Copy on a Payment Page
  2. The Conversion Scientist – The blog of Brian Massey. Always contains insightful posts and very easy to read. Must Read: Instagraph: Why do some people succeed with testing while others fail?
  3. Conversion Rate Experts – These guys have been there, done it and got the T-Shirt. Very successful and share their findings on their blog. Must Read: How We Helped A Client Become The 5th Fastest Growing Company In The UK
  4. UnBounce – Creators of a fantastic conversion optimization tool, their blog shares great tips and case studies to help other improve their conversion rates. Must Read: 10 Dangerous Threats to Your Landing Page Conversion Rate
  5. Visual Website Optimizer – These guys also created a great conversion tool, their blog often showcases case studies from their clients, always an interesting read. Must Read: Focus matters on a landing page and here’s why: 22% increase in sales
  6. Conversion XL– Great actionable conversion advice from people who know what they are talking about. Must Read: 7 Underused Email Campaigns That Will Help You Nail Your Conversions
  7. Wider Funnel – A blog full of fantastic conversion rate tactics and tips. Must Read: Why Your Conversion Rate Doesn’t Matter (aka Conversion Rates are Relative)
  8. Conversion Voodoo – More conversion tips than you can shake a stick at. Must Read: Facebook Landing Page Optimization: How to use social media data for tests
  9. Invesp Blog – A blog dedicated to conversion rate optimization, written by people who do it on a daily basis. Must Read: Three Sales-Boosting Advantages Of Using Social Logins
  10. Marketing Experiments Blog – A blog with many great contributors. Often have posts that will change the way you think about areas of conversion rate optimisation. Must Read: Marketing Analytics: 6 simple steps for interpreting your data

Hopefully you will find these conversion optimization blogs as useful as I do to keep on top of all the latest developments. Please head over and check them all out, don’t forget to add them to your RSS reader, whilst you are there, don’t forget to add this RSS Feed as well.

What is your favourite conversion blog? Do you know a great one that I have missed? Feel free to share it in the comments below.