4 Ways To Use Pinterest If You’re Already On The Web


As of March 2012, Pinterest had 104 million users which is just shy of Twitter’s 182 million users. That is HUGE and as such can’t be ignored much longer by anyone.

Whatever type of web presence you currently have, there’s a chance Pinterest can do something for you. The trick is in finding out what that is and how you can use it to bring about tangible results. Let’s say for example, you’re a professional development company with a good online presence including a blog, Twitter and Facebook account. The next logical step is to use Pinterest to accentuate these established properties and drive traffic back and forth between them. You can do this via the four tips below.

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4 Ways To Use Pinterest If You’re Already On The Web

1. Use It To Diversify

Every new social network is an opportunity for you to vary your efforts and reach a diverse group of people. With Twitter you might reach a younger set of consumers, while on Facebook you will reach the masses and on Pinterest – you could target women. Since the network is known to be 80% female populated. Depending on the type of business you run, you could set up various boards aimed at female centric topics and or products. To go back to the example above of a professional development company, this client could set up a Pinterest account and begin targeting women by creating perhaps a series of boards such as “Awesome Female Celebrity Speakers”, “Fun Public Speaking Class Ideas For Women” or “Noted Female Public Speakers Who Overcame Stuttering“.

2. Drive Traffic Back To Your Blog

What good are the PINS, repins and photos if they don’t drive traffic back to your blog or site. The idea is to drive traffic back to your site via strategic points of exit on your Pinterest account. If you offer a service or product, you could have a board labeled “Free Trial” wherein the visitor see a series of screencasts or videos on how your service or product works and if they want further details or wish to sign up – just click the “free trial” link and off they go back to a page on your site.

3. Funnel Leads To A Landing Page

On your Pinterest profile page, you can list a link and two other social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook. However most people choose to list the homepage of their main website or blog, why not take it a step further and instead list a link to a specific landing page on your site. This page can be an “About Me” or “About Us” page, a specific Pinterest thank you for visiting page with more information on how to reach you or ask you a question and so on. Make it clever, interesting and with one just ONE call to action.

4. Have Clear Calls to Action

Since Pinterest is a visually based network, this actually creates a surprising amount of opportunities for you to embed a series of strategic calls to action on the site. If you have a product based site or a service company, you can periodically pepper in images that are simply quotes that relate to your business that link back to certain blog posts which discuss the topic in detail. Or you can use photos or videos to clarify certain aspects of your business and also use calls to action to direct visitors to more information on someone else’s site.

Take Away:
Pinterest is a massive social network with over 100 million users and growing. It can also (if used strategically) be a fun and clever way to drive traffic back to your site or blog and gain a new client, lead or referral.

Are you have results from Pinterest? If so, how and what did you try. Let me know below in the comment area.