How To Get More Retweets On Twitter

I have talked a lot in the past about how you can increase your Twitter following and how to drive traffic back to your blog through Twitter, today I want to talk about one of the things that is key to success in both these areas and that is Retweets or RT for short.

What Is A Retweet (RT):

Retweeting is how Twitter users share interesting tweets from the people they are following. They copy and paste the original tweet and send it out. To give credit to the original person, users usually put “RT” plus the originator’s username at the beginning of the tweet. – Mashable

Why Should You Want More Retweets?

When another Twitter user retweets your tweets or blog posts they are then shown to that users followers as well as your own. This means that the more RTs that your posts get on Twitter the larger your reach is. So put this into simpler terms image you have 100 followers, you tweet out a message without any retweets, this gives you a reach of 100.

Now imagine that of your 100 followers 10 of them decide to retweet your post, if they each also have 100 followers your reach is now 1100. This can on down the chain so as more people see it more may want to RT it, this is how some tweets can go viral. By reach we are referring to the amount of people who may see your tweet. Chances are that everyone is not on Twitter at the same time so your true reach will be a lot less, but as people are retweeting your posts you may be seen by more people at different times of the day.

As you can see, you want more retweets to help spread your message and to get your blog posts seen by more people than if just you alone tweeted.

How To Get More Retweets On Twitter:

Below are a few tips to help you get more retweets for your future blog posts:

  • Short and Sweet – Keep your tweets short and sweet. Long tweets get retweeted less than shorter ones. It also leaves room for the Retweeter to add a few comments to the RT.
  • Grab Peoples Attention – Make your tweets stand out. There are millions of tweets flying around every second. Be sure to make your tweets stand out from the crowd. Stats, facts and bold statements are good ways of achieving this.
  • Ask – Very simple. Just ask people to RT your tweet. This is a very effective way of getting more Retweets, some people like to be told what to do.
  • Prominent Retweet Buttons – This is often over-looked! Place a retweet button at the top and bottom of your blog posts so that readers who have enjoyed your content can share it with their followers.
  • Give To Receive – There is a lot of reciprocation on Twitter, if you retweet someone elses posts then chances are they may RT one of yours. Don’t go over-board with this though as people may get fed up with you if your stream is constantly full of you Retweeting other people’s posts.
  • Hash Tags – Another method that is extremely easy to do but often overlooked. Include relevant hash-tags in your tweet so that people in that niche will see your tweets.
  • Schedule – Do you only tweet during your waking hours? What about people on the other side of the world that are awake whilst you sleep? Schedule in some tweets to go out at night so that all your followers can enjoy your content.

These are just a few ideas but I am sure that there are many more. If you have a good one why not share it in the comment section below.

David Shaw is a Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert & Web Analyst from Bristol, UK.Working for clients around the world he specializes in Website Analysis, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization and User Experience Analysis.He has generated millions for companies around the world through A/B testing and website optimization to increase conversion rates and revenue.

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19 comments on “How To Get More Retweets On Twitter
  1. Phil says:

    Some helpful tips here David!

    I don’t usually ask people to Re-Tweet my Tweets, but I guess its worth a try.

    • David Shaw says:

      Give it a try.. See what happens!

    • You’d be surprised actually Phil, it’s all in how you ask and people are often more than happy. Many people read your tweets but don’t always think to take that extra step to share it. If you say something like `If you like what you see pls RT/ or share’ people often do!

  2. The more RT means the more chances that other readers will find your post. It’s just exactly same as FB share or other social networking bookmarking. Definitely an advantage to bloggers but shouldn’t be abused.

  3. Hi David,

    RT is indeed more helpful to us bloggers. Funny though i had a post published whether bloggers prefer “Comments or RTs”, seems most of the my reader prefer comments. I like comments but RT have a bigger chance of expose our blog to new stream of visitors.

    The one that i need to improve is to grab peoples attention with my tweets.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.


    • David Shaw says:

      I think people need to be looking for both comments and RTs.

      The fact is they are two completely different things. One is there to promote your blog to bring in new readers. The other is there to create a sense of community!

  4. Thanks as always for the helpful tips, David. I always appreciate it when people RT my tweets and could see how some of the things you mentioned could help.

  5. Ethan says:

    Funny that the first post I see on this blog is the exact thing I’ve been wanting to read about.

    Anyway this was really helpful, but like what has been mentioned before, I’m a little unsure about literally ASKING for RTs. But I guess it’s worth a shot.

  6. DiTesco says:

    Solid advices here David. The power of RT is something that should not be ignored because it really helps a lot to build your credibility and gain authority. Now that search engines also consider Tweets as a ranking factor makes it even more important to engage with the community. Thumbs up

    • David Shaw says:

      Yeah. I am seeing that posts with high social following are are ranking well for my blog.

  7. Those are some great tips David, Twitter can certainly help you get a lot traffic and if your tweet gets retweeted by some prominent Twitter personality then you can get a massive flood of traffic and followers. Thanks for the tips, I already apply some of those and will try the others (specially the hastags, always forget that)

    • David Shaw says:

      Yeah, getting retweeted by high authority tweeps is a great way of building your brand.

  8. Great post David. I definitely see great traffic from Twitter when I’m actively using it … and I loVe to RT for others … there is no way I can possibly know everything in my niche much less blog about it … so it’s best for my readers/followers if I pass along helpful info from others. I too ask (every now and then) for a RT … I usually reserve that for when I inquiring about something i.e. what is the best “fill in the blank” to use for “fill in the blank” (Pls RT) Thanks! I try to ask for RT when it’s not my own content but I’ve tried that too and got a great response LOL 😉

  9. iphone 5 says:

    that’s very nice Tips David, I will use all this tips to grab some good audience to my site.

  10. Miguel says:

    Good article, many thanks.

  11. Steve Roy says:

    There are few things on your list that I think a lot of people overlook.
    1. Asking! I never ask for a RT. Why? Not sure, but I will now
    2. Hash tags. I never use them. Now I will..
    3. Other time zones. I have only been scheduling my tweets on my time zone. Mistake!

    Thanks for the help!!

    • David Shaw says:

      Thanks for the comment Steve.

      I hope by applying these 3 techniques you get more retweets. Dont forget to let me know how you get on.

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