How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Through Twitter

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Drive Traffic Through Twitter

Every blogger should have an account on Twitter by now. But are they using it in a way that drives traffic back to their blogs?

I see a lot of bloggers who are still only posting updates about how their day is going and what they are having for dinner with only the occasional link to their new blog post.

Don’t get me wrong, updates about you and what you are up to is a great way to interact with others on Twitter, but it is not going to send a lot of traffic back to your blog. The aim is to get a steady balance between personal tweets and tweets related to your blog.

I want to share with you a few tips on how you can drive traffic to your blog through Twitter.

Ask Questions

A great way of getting people to click through to your blog is to ask questions and end them with a link back to a post on your blog. A great example for this post would be:

“Do you want to drive more traffic back to your blog through Twitter? [Link here]”

This approach gets people more interested in your post because the tweet engages them rather than just spitting out a post title at them. The reader believes that they will learn something or take some value from reading the post.

The Follow-up

Chances are you tweet a link to your latest posts once you have published them on your blog. Hopefully you will be doing this in the form of a question where possible. The next step is to do a follow-up tweet for your post.

You can either send it out in a ‘You might have missed:’ format, or you can engage them again with another question. Chances are many of your followers missed your first tweet so a second at a different time of day is a great way of increasing the exposure of your latest post.

Be Brave

Have you heard the saying:

“If you don’t ask you don’t get”

This rings true on Social Media. Don’t be afraid to ask your followers to support you and your blog, send out a tweet asking your followers to ReTweet, Like or Stumble your blog post. This can lead to a far greater reach for your blog posts.

Profile Pictures

One of the biggest turn-offs for me on Twitter is accounts that don’t have a profile picture. I associate them with being spam accounts and will never RT or share content from these users. I am sure I am not alone in this so be sure that you don’t come across as a spammer, upload a profile picture and have a complete profile on Twitter.

Use Hashtags

This is a great way to increase the reach of your tweets on Twitter. Most niches have a set of hashtags that are monitored by users in that niche. A great example would be #bloggingtips, there are many Twitter users who watch this tag looking for great tips on blogging. If you write a blog posts which has blogging tips then when you tweet out a link to the post include the hashtag on the end so that it gets put in front of these interested users.

Your Turn

Using the tips I have outlined above should help you to drive more traffic to your blog through Twitter. Do you have any extra tips that help to drive traffic to your blog through Twitter? What has been your most effective Twitter marketing tactic?

Tools to drive Traffic to your blog: Google Traffic Pump, Underground Traffic Secrets

Tools for increasing your Twitter following: Twitter Magic!Twixplode

David Shaw is a Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert & Web Analyst from Bristol, UK.Working for clients around the world he specializes in Website Analysis, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization and User Experience Analysis.He has generated millions for companies around the world through A/B testing and website optimization to increase conversion rates and revenue.

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13 comments on “How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Through Twitter
  1. Most of my tweets are new blog posts, but once in a while (well, almost every day) I ask questions as well, and I support a lot of people by retweeting their posts.

    The real marketing power is when we start engaging with other people who have asked questions or published their new blog posts. I see that every time I engage, people visit my blog. I hardly ever use hashtags, do you know if you get extra traffic from using them?

    • David Shaw says:

      I find that tweets with hashtags get more clicks than those without.

      Which I am assuming is because of the bigger readership.

  2. Peter J says:

    Timing tweets is also a great way to target specific visitors at certain times throughout the day. Great tips also :)

    and I’m already loving the new site design David, keep up the work! :)

    • David Shaw says:

      Tweet timing is vitally important.

      Glad you are liking my little tweaks.

      I am making small changes all the time to improve the blog.

  3. Hash tags has been the best way to quickly make your tweets get more attention. There was a noticeable jump right away for me at least.

  4. Cristian says:

    Hello David,

    I do not know very much about Twitter (I do know a few stuff but not very much as I said), I used Twitter a little in the past and I liked it, I haven’t used it lately because of the lack of time. Twitter is one of the biggest social networks online, it’s the first after Facebook. The advantage of Twitter is that a lot of companies will sure use it and they actually are using it very cleverly and properly. Well, I am going to answer your questions:

    Do you have any extra tips that help to drive traffic to your blog through Twitter?
    – Help other people, retweet their tweets and they will retweet and help you. The more you help the others, the more the others will help you, it is a true fact. Starting by helping with RTs – answer peoples’ questions, support them!
    What has been your most effective Twitter marketing tactic?
    – I don’t really know, haven’t used ’till now.

    I think I am going to visit Twitter again thanks to your excellent post. Also, thank you very much for this great perspective on Twitter ‘how-to-get-traffic’. Congratulatios!

    All the best and don’t give up!


  5. Installing the “tweet old post” plugin has been awesomely effective in getting more views for previous posts. You never know when someone is going to be on Twitter and look for your links.

    Also a question for you – is there anywhere you can see a listing of hashtags used in a niche? That would make choosing the right ones a lot easier.

    • I’m with you Robert. I installed Tweet Old Post about a month ago and have gotten a lot of hits and retweets on older posts… love it!

      @ David – As for other methods, I try very much to be engaging with other users… strike up a conversation, show some interest in what they have to say.

      This has proven to be very effective for me especially in the last few weeks since I’ve taken this on. On top of the fact that I’ve been having a lot of fun doing so.

      Just to point out what you said about “Be Brave”, you are so right about this. If you want someone to do something you have to ask and guide them through the process! At the end of the day, if you want more exposure than you have to be willing to expose YOURSELF more and put yourself out there by making MANY requests of others.

      Cheers :-)

  6. Hi David

    Being a regular Tweetheart had to see what your take was on Twitter 😉 Love all the suggestions you make. One I have been neglecting is hashtags! Sometimes friends tweet a #lavender thinking they are supporting one of my posts. It is in fact a post from my stream and not me lol Should be enough to prompt me but it hasn’t. This is one I need to implement asap!

    Like Peter J (probably cos we are both from Perth) I time tweets. As the time zones are so far apart for our followers, I tend to tweet posts several times at different times of the day if it is something I think my followers will find useful. That way no-one misses out.

    I also add a personal note to the tweet when I do RT a post I have read and enjoyed. Think it gets people to click over. I will click over to read a post that has been tweeted by a friend; especially if they say MUST READ or send me a personal note it will be helpful to me. It also helps if when publishing it has NEW POST beside it so I know there are new posts to read. I see a lot of visitors to my site come through Twitter so I know it works.

    Only small details but I feel they aid in getting traffic from twitter to a blog. And if someone says please RT and I know them and their blog I will usually RT cos they have asked nicely :-) Now to RT this post and thanks for sharing all your tips with us David. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. Edwin says:

    Thank you for the tips. Being active on Twitter and retweeting other peoples stuff will also bring in good traffic.

  8. Paul G says:

    Every one is running toward the social networking sites. We need to run after them for good and consistent traffic. Twitter is a good example for this business model. Thanks for the info.

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  3. […] it comes to Twitter, ask questions and follow up. David Shaw shared a few basic Twitter tips that I am trying to put into practice in all of my campaigns. expanded upon […]

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