Be More Productive: Cut Out These 5 Productivity Sins

Are you always struggling to find time to write your next blog posst?

Even when you do find time, you have to rush your post to get it live?

You are not alone, the majority of bloggers have day jobs or other commitments that limit the amount of time they have available to produce quality content for their blog. The big problem with this is that rushing to get posts live can often result in a poorer quality of post and severe knock-on effects for your blog.

The good news is that you can free up a considerable amount of blogging time by cutting down on a few time-wasting activities that we are all guilty of. Chances are you commit at least one of the 5 sins I am going to outline below, if you can stop doing these 5 things you will free up more time for blogging and become a more productive blogger at the same time, this will enable you to write higher quality posts that will help to grow your blog.

The 5 Deadly Productivity Sins

  1. Checking Stats: Be honest, how many times a day do you check your analytics, Adsense, Twitter followers, RSS followers or comment count? I used to keep checking stats that I know only update once a day. The only way your stats will increase is by you writing great content! Get your content done first, then obsess over your stats.
  2. Blog Commenting: How many times have you read that blog commenting is one of the best forms of blog promotion? Hopefully loads, because it is! However, writing quality content is more important, you need to make sure that the people you send to your blog via comments actually have something useful to read when they get there.
  3. Social Media: This is starting to eat into a lot of bloggers time. Checking your Twitter or Facebook feeds for new updates is addictive. Shut down any social media applications, most seem to pop up notifications that can easily distract you from the task at hand.
  4. Emails: I must get around 150 emails a day to my many email accounts. If I sat and replied to them all, I would never have time to blog. I tend to scan through for any urgent emails, get them out the way and leave the rest until after I have written an awesome blog post.
  5. Design Tweaks: I used to be a sucker for this one. “I think I will just add a new section to my sidebar to show off feed counts or a new header, it will only take a couple of minutes” – No it wont, once you start making one change you keep making other changes, this eats up a lot of time. My advice is to set out certain times for making blog changes and have a clear schedule for which jobs are most urgent.

The aim is to do all the above after you have written your killer blog post. You will find that you are able to write better when you are fresh and don’t have a clouded mind. It is really easy to get sucked into the above sins and before you know it an hour has passed and you have other commitments which prevent you from blogging.

You will actually find that you can write your blog posts faster if you do them when you are fresh so you will still have time to waste on the above afterwards.

The best advice I can give is to disconnect yourself from the Internet whilst you write your post, this will prevent you from performing any of the sins I have outlined in this post.

Are you a productive blogger? Are you a sucker for any of the 5 sins? What sin prevents you from being a productive blogger? Let me know below.

I am guessing you are having a bit of un-productive time right now, so follow me on Twitter and I can waste more of your time!!

David Shaw is a Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert & Web Analyst from Bristol, UK.Working for clients around the world he specializes in Website Analysis, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization and User Experience Analysis.He has generated millions for companies around the world through A/B testing and website optimization to increase conversion rates and revenue.

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19 comments on “Be More Productive: Cut Out These 5 Productivity Sins
  1. Great post!

    Although I should be writing a post right now…

  2. Tristan says:

    Great post! 150 emails a day? Yikes! Yeah, I do all 5 of these things… Thanks for posting this to let me know how much I suck at time management :)

    • David Shaw says:

      Yup, I am involved in many different projects and websites so I get a stupid amount of emails. Luckily most of them don’t require any action, just a quick scan.

      Time management is one of the hardest things to master.

  3. Hi David
    I work from home now so it probably frees up more of my time. No travelling for starters. I have a routine in the morning and I start with visiting my blog, answering any queries and comments and then checking Twitter. Cos of time differences like to scan if I have missed messages or posts to read. Thankfully don’t have heaps of emails as have come off a lot of lists. That was a time waster!
    I don’t post every day in my small niche so time constraints are not the same as for daily bloggers. However I do check my stats a lot!!!
    Think I will notice it more when I start doing product reviews and looking after customers. Then I will really need to be disciplined. As that is all coming into play from next week this post is right on topic for me. Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    • David Shaw says:

      Yeah, when you are dealing with customers it becomes really hard. Let’s of extra pressures!

  4. The last point suits me, really.

    I do tweaking my blog almost everyday, and if something goes wrong, i can spend hours to fix it.

    I used to try this modification in local installation of WordPress, but lately i am getting lazier.

    • David Shaw says:

      Yup, every blogger is the same.. We all like to have a little fiddle with our blog design, but then spend hours trying to get it right.

  5. I was just discussing this very subject with my partner. We came up with the same conclusion….production is the most important task.

    It is so discouraging to get to the end of the week and find I did not meet my targets. I have actually had to write up a schedule to keep me from wasting time doing exactly what you have listed. And those popups on the social media sites, they were gone from day one.

    Now where did I put that schedule?

    • David Shaw says:

      Glad you agree Sheila.

      It comes back to the old saying ‘Content is King’, so if you are not producing good content regularly enough then you will struggle to grow your blog.

      Many bloggers think they can put Social Media and Blog commenting ahead of actually producing content.

      Due to constraints on my time at the moment I am only getting to write content. Social Media and Blog Commenting seem like a luxury I can’t afford right now!

  6. tapegeek says:

    Really useful advice, especially the writing the post offline. I think I may try this for my next posting.

  7. Great post. I think that the best way to overcome those productivity sins is by creating a daily habit. Habit is one of the most powerful thing for every human and it is also widely known that within 21-30 days humans can build a new habit.

    I have built mine – in the early morning, after the workout, for 2 hours, I am creating something new – whether it is the email for my list, blog post, guest post or some video. I do this every morning without exceptions, and it works fantastic. I already cannot live with myself if I do not create something in the morning.

    • David Shaw says:


      I have read a lot about building habits and it is something that I am looking to do over the coming months.

      As I launch my new business in just under 2 weeks time, I think that will be a good time to start!

  8. Adam says:

    Hello David,

    great sharing, I would maybe add also – Constant adjusting of blog design. I used to spend so much time on changing the CSS and HTML codes, than I suddenly realized that it took out all my energy and desire to write.

    Than I realized that the design do not need to be perfect and it will never be there are much more important things to focus on.


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